Positive News readers suggest how to spread love this Valentine's Day.

Romance is alive and well. Or at least it is in the Positive News community, which, as always, has provided a wealth

Celebrate Valentine's Day without succumbing to commercialism. 

Several significant motifs arose. The idea that the best way to a lover's heart is through their stomach remained true, with many pledging to do something extraordinary in the kitchen for their relationships

Others described expressing their love with poems, songs, and handwritten cards. 

Being single did not prevent me from enjoying Valentine's Day.

 Many single readers contacted us to share how they transmit love in their families, communities, and inside themselves.

It was encouraging to read all of the answers. We were unable to publish all of them, but we would like to thank everyone who contacted us.

"Love comes not just from the outside, but also from within, and it is available to anybody, regardless of whether they have a Valentine. 

 Look in the mirror, deeply into your own eyes, and tell yourself, 'I love you'. With self-compassion and self-loving, we can discover the love within ourselves." - Maya in Colchester, England 

We light a candle and take turns listening to each other uninterrupted. 

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