Poll: Who should win the Festival di Sanremo 2024?

It is time for a week of Italian music. The 74th edition of the Festival di Sanremo will take place in 2024. 

The historic and acclaimed music festival runs from Tuesday to Saturday and will once again determine Italy's Eurovision participation.

This year's festival features 30 competing acts. In a departure from previous seasons, all 30 of them performed on night one of the competition.

That means we can get right to business and see who your favourites are amid the lineup.

If you didn't stay up all night to hear all 30 songs, check out the YouTube playlist below

Once you've decided, let us know who you think will win the trophy and represent Italy at Eurovision 2024.

The performances on the first night of the festival were judged only by the press jury, which consisted of journalists from television and online media.

At the end of the night, the top five press votes were revealed:You can vote for as many artists as you like. 

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