Pokémon Already Settled Jessie and James' Relationship 

In the Pokémon manga, Jessie and James are depicted as a married couple raising a child, unlike in the anime. 

The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga explores a more mature storyline, including elements such as sexual content and a realistic portrayal of relationships. 

Fans were disappointed by the lack of a conclusive romantic resolution between Jessie and James in the anime. 

The manga, spanning sixteen issues, portrays Jessie and James as married and expecting a child by its conclusion. 

Despite their more developed relationship in the manga, the anime maintains Jessie and James as platonic partners in crime. 

The anime's finale leaves Jessie and James' relationship unchanged, with the duo continuing their pursuit of Pikachu.

Debate exists among fans regarding whether the anime should introduce a romantic subplot between Jessie and James. 

Team Rocket's Japanese voice actors have dismissed the idea of romance between Jessie and James, emphasizing their dynamic as a found family. 

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