Patients killed following power outage during Israeli strike on Gaza hospital: Live updates 

Gaza health officials report that five patients died due to a power outage during an Israeli raid on Nasser Hospital.

The raid occurred after a dayslong siege, worsening conditions with dwindling supplies and reports of sniper fire. 

The Israeli military alleges Hamas' military use of the hospital, including hiding hostages. 

The UN Human Rights Office condemns the raid as part of a pattern targeting essential civilian infrastructure. 

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announces plans for future operations in Rafah, claiming it as a Hamas stronghold. 

The Israeli military discovers weapons in the hospital and arrests militants linked to an earlier attack. 

The White House announces a directive signed by President Biden, allowing Palestinian immigrants in the US to stay for at least 18 months without deportation 

The health system in Gaza is on the brink of collapse due to attacks on facilities and restrictions on humanitarian supplies. 

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