Ozempic and other weight loss drugs are linked to a lower risk of depression and anxiety.

Another study published this week discovered that Ozempic/Wegovy and comparable medications may do much more than merely help patients lose weight. 

According to new research, people who begin taking GLP-1 medicines are less likely to be diagnosed with sadness or anxiety later on than identical patients who do not take the treatment. 

The findings do not establish a cause-and-effect relationship, but they do provide additional evidence that these medications are not generally damaging to people's mental health.

Scientists from Epic Research conducted the study. The firm is a spin-off of Epic Systems, which develops software used by health care networks to build and maintain electronic medical records. 

Previous research by Epic Research attempted to investigate the real-world results of GLP-1 medications by examining Cosmos, a database containing over 200 million patient records acquired from hospitals and

doctors' offices using Epic in the United States and Lebanon. Epic researchers, for example, discovered last month that a tiny majority of former GLP-1 users can

sustain their weight loss for up to a year after discontinuing medicine.In a new study published this week, 

the scientists examined records from more than four million patients who were administered one of several GLP-1 medications on the market. 

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