Olivia Dunne's Funniest Wipeout Unveils Her Hardest Gymnastics Event

Olivia Dunne is aware of her fame as a gymnast. The LSU Tiger isn't scared to flaunt her skills and joke ,

at her errors as she kicks off the 2024 NCAA competition season with a meet versus Ohio State University later today. 

In terms of gymnastics wipeouts, they are extremely frequent in a strenuous sport that frequently gives the impression that Dunne  ,

is defying gravity. But the native of New Jersey handles all of her mistakes like a pro,  

even sharing some with her 12.5 million Instagram and TikTok followers. 

The SI Swimsuit model posted a humorous and quite amazing video of herself performing her floor routine and bars flawlessly. 

But now, the greatest enemy she faced was the beam. The 21-year-old was shown in one clip with one leg in the air and her front foot on the beam.  

She leaned back, intending to rest her suspended leg on the beam, but she completely missed it, stumbled, struck her butt, and fell to the ground.

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