Olivia Dunne Wastes $2,000,000,000 Brand Modeling."

Olivia Dunne started her wardrobe as soon as the football season at Baton Rouge began. From gymnast to social media star, she occasionally shares mouthwatering posts for her fans.

With a taste for both spotlight and gymnastics, the 21-year-old became the highest-paid NCAA athlete. 

The senior for the LSU Tigers launched her famous career with a $500,000 post. 

She joins the Game Day gang after making her debuts with Forbes and the venerable Sports Illustrated.

The flexibility queen released a unique TikTok post with one of the gang's girls in a stunning white jumpsuit. 

It says in the post, "Beauty is pain." As the girls entered the tailgate ceremony, they were given the task of covering the Parade Ground.

We're going to be late, is a popular two-liner that the girls lip-synced to in the video. Would you like to use Uber?

But in response, the man said, "No, it's not that far." Just stroll, please. Livvy asked in a masculine tone, and one of her friends responded.

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