Olivia Dunne and her latest love: Should boyfriend Paul Skenes be  worried?

Olivia Dunne, regarded as one of the most accomplished and beautiful athletes in the US college system, shattered many hearts when she announced her engagement at the end of last summer.

In reality, it was now boyfriend Paul Skenes who revealed the shocking news during an interview with The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 

The two have undoubtedly become the most high-profile pair in the world of college sports; both are leading performers in their own areas, 

 with Skenes winning the College World Series with the LSU baseball team last season.

Olivia's recent TikTok video has gone viral, garnering a lot of attention from fans after the LSU star revealed her new obsession.

And it appears that Livi may have another man in her life.

The TikToker shared a video of herself cradling her new puppy with her over seven million followers.

Boyfriend Skenes also makes a cameo appearance in the video, which fans were quick to notice. "Paul in the background lol," one user said. "Paul is looking worried," another joked. 

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