Obtaining Netflix Ryan Reynolds's Comedy About a Heist

A comedy about a heist that stars Ryan Reynolds has been acquired by Netflix. 

It has been confirmed that Dana Fox, who has worked on "The Lost City" and "Cruella," 

will be writing the script, while Simon Kinberg, who has collaborated with Ryan Reynolds on the "Deadpool" films, will be producing the film alongside Reynolds. 

There has been no disclosure of the plot, however it is speculated that it will be similar to the "Ocean's Eleven" flicks.  

Netflix prevailed over a number of other major studios and streaming services that were interested in the deal. 

Before joining Netflix, Reynolds had previously worked on the production of "The Adam Project," "Red Notice," and "6 Underground." 

As of right now, Reynolds and Kinberg are working on the third installment of the "Deadpool" film franchise for Marvel Studios. 

Reynolds will next be seen in the high-concept comedy "If," which will be directed by John Krasinski and will be released on May 17, 2024. 

Most recently, Kinberg was responsible for producing "A Haunting in Venice."  

Additionally, he is working on an action film for Netflix called "Lift," which will be released in January and stars Kevin Hart. 

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