NHL Team Valuations by W. Graeme Roustan for The Hockey News

The Hockey News Money and Power 2024 hockey business annual features W.

Graeme Roustan's NHL team valuations in addition to the Top 100 People of Power & Influence in hockey, Q&As with important figures from the hockey world, and reports on each NHL team.

Having been involved in the Ottawa Senators' 2023 sale process, I can draw from recent experience when writing my sixth annual piece on NHL team valuations. 

 can and will share with you my current opinions regarding the current valuation of an NHL franchise, even though I am unable to share with you any of the material that I was provided and looked over during the due diligence process. 

Neither I nor anyone else involved in the process who has since compared notes with me mentioned the Sportico or Forbes valuation numbers as a benchmark at any point during the Ottawa Senators sale process.

The financial models they use have no bearing whatsoever on the sale price, as I have made clear in nearly every one of my five previous articles on valuation in previous Money and Power issues. 

The franchise was never purchased for a multiple of EBITDA or any other financial formula. 

Through a competitive sale process, the Ottawa Senators were only sold t

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