New Transformers Standalone Movie Plan Is A Risk Worth Taking After 7 Films 

"Transformers One" featuring Chris Hemsworth as Optimus Prime aims to revitalize the franchise with a standalone story.

"Bumblebee's" success demonstrated the potential for standalone movies to rejuvenate the Transformers series.

While "Transformers One" may deviate from the main franchise, it could also improve the series by establishing a fresh narrative.

The upcoming animated movie is not a sequel or reboot of "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts," suggesting it will carve its own path.

With declining box office returns and critical reception, "Transformers One" has the opportunity to redeem the franchise.

"Bumblebee" set a precedent for success by focusing on character relationships and gradually reintroducing the Transformers lore.

The franchise's past flaw lies in insufficiently developing the bond between humans and machines, which "Bumblebee" addressed effectively.

Despite the risks, making "Transformers One" a standalone film presents the chance to replicate "Bumblebee's" success, but without guaranteed results

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