Vince Staples is a mystery. 

 The Vince Staples Show" is a new limited satirical series on Netflix that allows fans who may not be familiar with the rapper and singer to delve into his mind. 

 Using the same surrealist approach as the critically acclaimed "Atlanta" and "Reservation Dogs," the series that takes place in Long Beach is presented in five delirium-filled vignettes as Vince (the character) struggles to manage his day-to-day life circumstances.  

 During the course of the show, viewers see him attempting to obtain a loan for a small business, escorting his girlfriend Deja's (Andrea Ellsworth) younger brother and friends to a theme park, and delivering a speech to a class of middle school students at his childhood school 

 In spite of the fact that the show, which is produced by Kenya Barris, contains a few of those moments that will make you laugh out loud, the show's overall cadence is inconsistent, and it lacks a clear direction.  

The opening of “The Vince Staples Show,” “Pink House,” states that it is fiction. 

 The 30-year-old creator's real-life experiences may have inspired some of what's shown here. 

 In this premiere, Vince is arrested for speeding in his Mercedes Benz G Wagon and jailed for an outstanding warrant.  

There are several absurd moments in the first 26 minutes. 

A police dispatcher asks if Vince is from “Abbott Elementary. 

 Later, a determined cellmate sings to impress the musician. 

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