Miley Cyrus Had Many Outfit Changes and Forgot Her Underwear in Final Dre

– Miley Cyrus, at 31, had a standout night at the Grammys, winning her first Grammy Award for "Flowers" and being nominated for six awards.

– On the red carpet, she wore a daring gold metal mesh dress with safety pin accents, matching metal panties, and Christian Louboutin gold heels.

– The custom Maison Margiela dress strategically covered her while showcasing her tattoos.

– Inside the show, she accepted her award in a beaded and embroidered halterneck jumpsuit by Tom Ford, presented by Mariah Carey for best pop solo performance.

– Cyrus performed "Flowers" in a silver fringe minidress with '70s-style hair, giving a Tina Turner-esque vibe and including a backing track of Turner's "Proud Mary."

– Her hairstylist, Bob Recine, used Nexxus products to achieve a '70s Barbarella-inspired look with a modern punk edge.

– The singer's Grammy success marked a significant milestone in her career.

– The night showcased Cyrus's versatility, not just as a musician but also as a fashion icon with daring and memorable looks.

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