MCU star wants to be recast as Doctor Doom after Phase 5 death 

Ben Mendelsohn, known for his role as Talos in the MCU, expresses a desire to portray Doctor Doom, emphasizing the importance of doing justice to the character.

Mendelsohn's character, Talos, recently met his demise in the MCU's Phase 5 during Disney+'s Secret Invasion series.

The impending debut of Doctor Doom in the MCU prompts Mendelsohn's interest in the role, given the significance of the character as one of Marvel's most iconic villains. 

Previous instances in the MCU have seen actors taking on multiple roles, raising the possibility of Mendelsohn being cast as Doctor Doom despite his previous role as Talos.

Doctor Doom is rumored to be a potential replacement for Kang the Conqueror in Marvel's Multiverse Saga, following the firing of Jonathan Majors. 

The 2025 Fantastic Four movie is anticipated to feature Doctor Doom's introduction into the MCU, potentially setting the stage for his future appearances.

While Galactus is rumored to be the primary antagonist in the Fantastic Four film, Doctor Doom could still play a supporting or cameo role, laying the groundwork for his expanded presence in the MCU. 

Doctor Doom could also feature in the upcoming Avengers movies, such as "The Kang Dynasty" and "Secret Wars," either as a significant player or in a cameo, further integrating him into the MCU's narrative.

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