Marvel enhanced Spider-Man's webs by making them someone else's invention 

Spy x Family balances serious moments with hysterical comedy.

Recurring gags, like Yor's terrible cooking and Anya's love of peanuts, keep fans laughing.

The series features humorous situations, including mistaken identities and awkward encounters.

The anime and manga have garnered a dedicated fanbase since the anime's debut in April 2022.

Each member of the Forger family hides a secret identity, leading to comedic scenarios.

Examples of funny moments include Anya's obsession with peanuts and her blunt critiques of Loid's homemade TV show.

Hilarious scenes involve reenactments of Spy Wars, intense tennis matches, and Yor's disastrous cooking attempts.

The series also explores characters' relationships and the challenges of maintaining secret identities, contributing to its humor.

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