Mariah Carey Makes Exciting Announcement

Mariah Carey has some very exciting news to share with her devoted followers: she will be returning to Las Vegas for yet another residency.

As a result of the pop-R&B diva's announcement, which she made after the Grammy Awards on Sunday, 

where she presented Miley Cyrus with her award for Best Pop Solo Performance while wearing an ultra-glamorous glittering gold gown, she received a significant response from her fans,

who did not waste any time in taking to social media to express their opinions.However, the string of performances won't run for very long because, 

according to the flier, she is only scheduled to play a few concerts that are currently scheduled (at least for the time being).

It didn't take long for the comment sections to become flooded with excessively enthusiastic supporters who were looking forward to her triumphant homecoming.

One of the users of X said, "wait and after that she announces her new album to end the show!!" while the other two users speculated that new music would be released in the future. and another just concurring that "we need MC16." for example.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, a particular comment that received a lot of likes stated, "I am in desperate need of a world tour ," while another individual made a personal request, "I would like you to sing the entire Emancipation of Mimi album, please."

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