Madonna collapses on stage during a concert when a dancer dropped her 

Madonna experienced a minor mishap during her Celebration tour when she fell onstage due to a dancer losing control.

Videos shared on TikTok captured the incident during her show at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle.

The mishap occurred while performing "Open Your Heart" as Madonna was being dragged by a dancer across the stage.

The dancer slipped in their heels, causing Madonna's chair to lose grip and resulting in her fall.

Despite the tumble, Madonna laughed it off and continued with the performance, showcasing more chair choreography.

USA TODAY has reached out to Madonna's representatives for comment on the incident.

Madonna's career has been highlighted for its diverse musical styles, fashion influence, and breaking barriers.

The Celebration tour, despite challenges, continues with Madonna reflecting on her journey and perseverance, with the tour concluding in Miami on April 9.

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