Madison-area igloos provide winter eating outside.

They started exploding during the first epidemic winter. Domes. Bubbles. Globes. 

Most of Madison's snow globes require reservations. One, at the Madison Club, requires a membership.

Sizes vary, from small bubbles for four or five pals to big 12-person party igloos.

While it's difficult to picture a plastic globe being more comfortable than sitting inside a properly heated building, they are more private.

They allow company owners to monetise their patio area. It must be magical when snow begins to fall.

"It's only the beginning of winter," Hornung explained. "This is something to look forward to."

The Milwaukee-based Lowlands Group, which includes Hilldale's Café Hollander, is serious about outside dining throughout the winter.

A source told the magazine that they were also seen laughing together in the rear of a chauffeured car.

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