Lily Gladstone Reteams with Director Morissa Maltz in 'Jazzy' 

Lily Gladstone, an Oscar-nominated actress, will reunite with filmmaker Morissa Maltz for the film "Jazzy."  

The film is a follow-up to the duo's last feature, 2022's "The Unknown Country," for which Gladstone won a Gotham Award. 

Gladstone portrayed a bereaved young woman who travels to the Texas/Mexico border.  

"Jazzy," shot over six years, follows the eponymous girl (Jasmine Bearkiller Shangreaux) and her pals through infancy to adulthood, grappling with grief and independence. 

Gladstone will play a supporting role."One of the greatest gifts of making 'The Unknown Country' with Morrisa Maltz was meeting the Bearkiller-Shangreaux family 

and witnessing the unbridled, exuberant creative energy that Jasmine brings into every corner of her young life," Lily Gladstone, the film's director, stated. 

Her gregarious confidence allowed for effortless story development and improvisation 

which made the scenes work and made all of us, who were strangers, feel like immediate family. 

I am so thrilled to be a part of Jasmine's unfolding story, to see her creative counterpart in her best friend Syriah 

and to see our film-made family grow and deepen with the beautiful and inimitable 'Jazzy.'" 

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