Lenny Kravitz Thanking Parents and Delivering a Call for Unity at People's Choice Awards 2024: 'Let Love Rule' 

Lenny Kravitz received the People's Music Icon award at the 2024 People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California. 

Kravitz, known for hits like "Fly Away" and "Are You Gonna Go My Way," performed a medley of his iconic songs at the ceremony. 

He emphasized the importance of authenticity in his acceptance speech, defining an icon as someone who inspires others to believe in themselves. 

Kravitz expressed gratitude for his upbringing, thanking his parents for nurturing his passion for music. 

He concluded his speech with a message of unity and love, proclaiming, "Love is the strongest power, and love will win." 

Kravitz's genre-defying career spans over three decades, earning him recognition as a global rock superstar. 

Jen Neal, an NBCUniversal executive, praised Kravitz's musical legacy, highlighting his 11 studio albums and his impact on the industry. 

The announcement of Kravitz as the Music Icon award honoree was made in January, with NBCUniversal anticipating his performance at the ceremony. 

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