'Land of Bad' Review: Russell Crowe Outperforms the Hemsworth Brothers in Junky Actioner 

The new war film Land of Bad features an especially brutal moment early on. 

A young soldier is presented with a difficult breakfast decision: Fruit Loops or Frosted Flakes. 

He examines the two boxes carefully, flipping them over to compare their nutritional value (or lack thereof).  

It's almost a metaphor for the options moviegoers have at their local multiplex these days. 

A perfect example is William Eubank's action thriller, which feels like a Michael Bay film if he had financial constraints.  

Despite its familiarity, Land of Bad has a few things going for it, including the presence of not one but two Hemsworth brothers (sadly, Chris isn't one of them) and Russell Crowe 

who spends the majority of the film sitting in a chair staring at a screen and manages to completely steal the show. 

The comparatively unskilled Kinney (Liam Hemsworth) is recruited last minute to join a risky Delta Force mission in the Philippines to rescue a CIA asset from Islamic terrorists. 

He's soon on an aircraft to the location, where he and other soldiers Sugar (Milo Ventimiglia, not given much to do but looking manly) 

Abel (Luke Hemsworth), and Bishop must perform a dangerous parachute maneuver. 

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