Katy Perry Leaves 'American Idol'

Last night, Katy Perry unexpectedly announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that season 22 of American Idol will be her last.

"This fall, in September, I'm going to be doing this huge music festival in Brazil called Rock in Rio, it's really exciting," the musician told the late-night hosts. This will likely be my last Idol season and show. 

I love Idol so much. It's linked me to America's heart, but I need to feel my own beat."

After Jimmy asked Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie about her leaving, Katy said, "Well, they'll find out tonight" and added, "Well, they know that I have some things planned for this year. 

Jimmy, all pop star girlies will have an eventful year. Creating space for my increased wingspan."

Katy said, "I love them so much," of the musicians. "They figured out. Long time in the studio...Love the performance, but want to travel and possibly make new music!"

Last year, Katy was accused of "mom-shaming" a participant on American Idol and considered quitting. Daily Mail source: "Katy feels like producers put her under the bus. She thinks her remarks were deleted.

Katy, who earns $25 million every season, "has achieved so much and is now seen as a mean reality show judge. This season was too much for Katy, who's wanted out for a while."

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