The coffee table book “Dune: Exposures” by actor Josh Brolin and cinematographer Greig Fraser chronicles the filming of “Dune: Part One” and “Dune: Part Two.”

 The Insight Editions book, released Feb. 13, offers rare cast and crew on-set moments

  In the two films, Brolin plays Warmaster Gurney Halleck and writes poems on his set experience.

 According to Variety, Brolin composed every line in response to Fraser's photography, his experience in front of the camera, or their friendship.

 He says, “The writing and tone are different 

  It can be tongue-in-cheek, descriptive, dialogue, or a poem. 

 Brolin and Fraser formed a special bond during production, leading to the cooperation

  Fraser comments, “He writes beautifully

 After work, I read it and talked to him about those terms the next day

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