Jennifer Garner Ribs Mark Ruffalo For Attempting To Quit 13 Going On 30 In Sweet Speech

Jennifer Garner surprises Mark Ruffalo during his Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony.

Their reunion delights fans hoping for a sequel to "13 Going on 30".

Garner jokes about being a last-minute replacement for Laura Dern due to Covid-19.

She humorously recalls their experiences filming "13 Going on 30" and Mark's subsequent rom-com roles.

Garner questions whether Mark's other co-stars enjoyed his anxiety on set as much as she did.

She praises Mark's acting talent, particularly highlighting his performance in "Poor Things".

Garner commends Mark for allowing himself to be fully known and appreciated by colleagues and audiences.

She concludes by expressing her admiration for Mark's impact on Hollywood and his deserving of recognition.

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