Jeff Bezos is selling Amazon stock. The valuation is now lower.

Jeff Bezos,'s founder and executive chairman, sold another $2 billion in stock, bringing his total sales this year to almost $6 billion.

The most recent sales, totaling almost 12 million shares on Tuesday and Wednesday, brought him an average price of $169.97 per share. 

According to regulatory reports, he currently holds 952.3 million Amazon shares.  

According to the company's most recent proxy, he owns additional 266 million shares in which he has voting rights but no investing authority as of February 2023. 

He is Amazon's largest shareholder even without them. 

This month, the business reported that Bezos intended to sell up to 50 million Amazon shares under a Rule 10b5-1(c) plan 

which conducts trades automatically when predetermined conditions such as price, volume, and timing are met.  

So far, filings show that he has sold almost 36 million shares, leaving approximately 14 million to sell. 

The sale prices of his goods this year are consistent with his previous huge sales in November 2021, which were also anticipated.  

When adjusted for Amazon's 20-for-1 stock split in June 2022, the 2021 per-share sale prices differ by only $2 to $3 from 2024. 

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