Italy: Marco Mengoni wins Sanremo 2023

The historic Festival di Sanremo has come to an end for another year, and it has been an unforgettable experience!

Marco Mengoni has won Sanremo 2023 after five nights of innumerable performances, significant acts, smiles, memories, and, of course, the cherry on top!

Tonight, all 28 artists played their songs for the third time. After the first round of voting (decided by 100% televoting) 

to determine who advances to the Super-final was completed, the top five singers performed 

their songs one last time in the hopes of winning the 73rd edition of Festival di Sanremo.

Voting for the Super-final consisted of 34% televoting, 33% press jury (TV, print, radio, and online media)

with 33% public poll. This resulted in a fresh ranking of the final five, with Marco Mengoni winning with his song Due vite.

This isn't surprising given that Marco Mengoni was the front-runner in both the odds and our survey of who people thought should win.


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