It is time to meet the real Sydney Sweeney.

"I hope you like cookies and ice cream," Sydney Sweeney says as we settle into a red leather table at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse in Burbank, a studio-rich suburb just north of Los Angeles

 A chain restaurant is an unexpected place to discover one of Hollywood's biggest stars, but the 26-year-old actor chose this location for us because of one particular dessert item.

(The three people who approach us and exclaim, "Are you Sydney Sweeney?" can't believe she's here either.)

"I started coming here with my family when I was really young," Sweeney says. "I am a huge cookie and ice cream fan, and they make this thing called a Pizookie that I love."

After we order two chocolate chip Pizookies topped with vanilla ice cream, Sweeney discusses her childhood in northwestern Idaho, describing herself as a "tomboy" who was not exposed to the beauty world. 

"The women in my family didn't really wear makeup," she said. "I grew up applying sunscreen to your face and body, but that was all. I didn't learn about skincare and makeup until I moved to Los Angeles.

I couldn't tell if she was wearing makeup today. We're here today to celebrate Sweeney's new post, which is technically a promotion. 

 Sweeney spent the day on set with skin care brand Laneige, slathered in her favourite products such as the Water Bank Moisturiser, Lip Sleeping Mask, and Hyaluronic Eye Cream, before our encounter. 

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