Iron Man confirms he is the Batman of the Marvel Universe, with one dark secret 

Iron Man vs. Batman: In "The Invincible Iron Man #14," Tony Stark's identity crisis draws parallels to Batman's struggles, solidifying Iron Man's claim as Marvel's Batman.

Exclusive Identity: Tony's recurring nightmare underscores his belief that he embodies Iron Man more than his civilian persona, adding depth to his character's internal conflict.

Loss and Struggle: Tony's experiences of losing his company and allies mirror Bruce Wayne's challenges as Batman, highlighting the similarities between the two iconic figures.

Expanding Comparisons: Over time, other Marvel characters like Danny Rand (Iron Fist), Moon Knight, and even odd choices like MODOK have been likened to Batman, but Tony Stark remains a top contender.

Comic Inspiration: The issue delves into Tony's dream, revealing his subconscious association with Iron Man, akin to Batman's deep connection with his alter ego.

Bruce Wayne's Dichotomy: Bruce Wayne's identity is often depicted as secondary to Batman, with some interpretations suggesting that Batman is his true self.

Mainstream Influence: Tony Stark's characterization, heavily influenced by the MCU, emphasizes the line "I am Iron Man," blurring the lines between his identity and superhero persona

Exclusively Iron Man: Tony's dream sequence hints at a profound connection with Iron Man, akin to Batman's strict identification with his alter ego, suggesting that Tony may perceive himself solely as Iron Man.

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