Iron Man confirms he is the Batman of the Marvel Universe, with one dark secret 

In "The Invincible Iron Man #14," Tony Stark's identity crisis reaches a pinnacle as he predominantly identifies himself as Iron Man. 

Stark's recurring nightmare underscores his belief that he embodies Iron Man more than his civilian persona, Tony Stark. 

The parallels between Stark's losses of his company, resources, and best friend and Bruce Wayne's struggles as Batman highlight similarities between the two characters. 

Throughout Marvel's history, Tony Stark has consistently been compared to Batman in terms of their roles and identities. 

Other characters like Danny Rand (Iron Fist), Moon Knight, and even MODOK have also been likened to Marvel's equivalent of Batman. 

Tony's dream sequence reveals a significant revelation: "I rarely dream of my life as Tony Stark. In my dreams, I am Iron Man." 

This echoes the dichotomy seen in Batman, where Bruce Wayne is sometimes considered the mask, and Batman the true identity. 

Stark's conviction that he is more Iron Man than Tony Stark parallels Batman's strict identification with his superhero persona, adding depth to their characters.

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