Investigation Continues: College Student Found Slain at University of Georgi 

Police in Georgia are actively investigating the death of a college student whose body was discovered slain at the University of Georgia's intramural fields.

The victim, a student at the University of Augusta College of Nursing, has not been publicly identified by name.

Authorities have not made any arrests or publicly named suspects in connection with the case.

The search for the woman commenced after a friend reported her missing at around noon on Thursday. 

UGA Police Chief Jeffrey L. Clark confirmed the discovery of the victim, who was found unconscious and not breathing. 

Medical personnel pronounced the woman deceased upon arrival, with the cause of death yet to be disclosed. 

Earlier statements from UGA police suggested that the victim had visible injuries, indicating potential foul play. 

The investigation into the tragic incident remains ongoing as authorities work to unravel the circumstances surrounding the student's death. 

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