Inside the Vegas Sphere: The Beginning of a New Media Format.

The Sphere's creators began construction on the arena in 2018, despite COVID-related supply chain concerns, innovative challenges in both visual and acoustics.

Even before it opened, the gigantic sphere appeared to be a mid-construction Death Star towering above the Las Vegas skyline. 

While in town covering CES 2024, I stopped into the recently opened Sphere and got a behind-the-scenes .

I also looked into the brand-new camera system that was developed to make it all feasible.

People with Sphere Experience tickets begin their stay in the Atrium, a gathering area packed with art exhibitions and tech demos .

During my visit, there were volumetric scanners that allowed you to get a 3D scan of yourself; AI-themed artwork

Sphere's audio technology, which allows different languages or parts of a song to be heard in different areas (similar to what I experienced.

 Sphere's cousin, the Big Dome in Burbank, where content can be developed for the Vegas venue). 

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