In the concept trailer for The Brave And The Bold, Jensen Ackle portrays Batman from the DC universe. 

Jensen Ackles is a favored contender for the role of Batman in the upcoming DC Universe, highlighted in a fan-made trailer. 

Ackles has prior experience voicing Jason Todd and portraying Batman in animated projects, demonstrating his understanding of the character.

Warner Bros. has a chance to rectify a past missed opportunity by casting Ackles as Batman in live-action, owing to previous scheduling conflicts.

A new fan trailer for "The Brave and The Bold" envisions Ackles as the ideal Dark Knight for James Gunn's DC Universe.

With the conclusion of the DCEU movie timeline, the DC Universe is on the brink of becoming a reality, with filming set to commence for Gunn's "Superman: Legacy" in March.

The DC Universe is undergoing a reboot, with Batman being one of the major Justice League characters getting a fresh start in the upcoming solo movie, "The Brave and The Bold."

Despite the secrecy surrounding the plot of "The Brave and The Bold," there is significant buzz surrounding Ackles as a top choice for the next Batman in live-action.

A fan-made trailer by KH Studio offers a glimpse of Ackles' potential as the Dark Knight, utilizing footage from various TV shows and movies, including "The Batman," "Titans," "The Boys," and "Supernatural."

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