In Atlanta and around the United States, the legend of 'Queen of Salsa' is as strong as ever.

For many, Celia Cruz is a timeless legend with one of music history's most unique voices. 

 Linda Becquer-Pritchett of South Fulton refers to herself as "tía."

As Cruz's record sales approached and eventually exceeded 10 million, the accolades multiplied. 

There were Grammy Awards, which included a lifetime achievement award. 

There came the Smithsonian display, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and President Bill Clinton bestowing the National Medal of Arts. 

Later this year, a joyful image of Cruz will appear on a special edition of the United States quarter.

When Becquer-Pritchett thinks about her aunt, the most distinct recollection is how she made others feel, particularly members of the Afro-Latino community, which has long struggled with a lack of representation and recognition.

"She gave our community, the Afro-Latino community, a sense of pride," Becquer-Pritchett explained. 

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