In a preview of Daredevil #6, Dr. Strange joins Matt Murdock for his confession 

Recent events have drastically changed Matt Murdock's life post-Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto's Daredevil run. 

Matt was resurrected after sacrificing himself but lost memories of his Daredevil persona, embracing a new role as a Catholic priest. 

Despite his new path, Matt is compelled to return to heroics as demons representing the seven deadly sins threaten his friends. 

Dr. Strange aids Matt in his mission, hinting at a deeper understanding of the demonic incursions. 

Daredevil #6, written by Saladin Ahmed and illustrated by Aaron Kuder, offers an exclusive preview of Dr. Strange's involvement. 

The issue features variant covers including one by John Romita Jr. and another by Benjamin Su, alongside a Sergio Fernandez Dávila variant. 

Marvel's synopsis teases revelations as Matt seeks answers from unexpected sources regarding the recent chaos. 

Daredevil #6 hits comic shops on February 21, marking a pivotal moment in Matt Murdock's journey.

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