Important Days in February 2024: List of National and International Day

Important Days in February 2024: February is the second month of the year, with 29 days in leap years and 28 in regular years. 

The shortest month of the year, however, is filled with events. Before you organise your events, see the list of important days and dates in February below.   

Important Days in February 2024: In India, festival seasons are widely scattered throughout the year, with some localities appearing to have a festival every month.

Everyone in India looks forward to February since it marks the end of the winter season.

In addition, February hosts a number of notable national and worldwide holidays, festivals, and events. Let's check into it!

he second month of the year has begun. Important dates and days are observed to increase public awareness of the importance of holidays, days, and so on. 

Certain events bring attention to concerns such as disease and poverty, teaching people about their significance and promoting awareness.

Check out the list of crucial days and dates in February to help you study for competitive exams like as banking and SSC.

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