How Olivia Dunne made gymnastics a male gaze empire

Olivia Dunne isn't the most famous gymnast in the world, nor is she the most gifted athlete. However,

if you looked through the collection of slow motion videos that Dunne shares on TikTok, particularly the ones where she does backflips and handsprings on the beach (a.k.a. "beachnastics"), 

you'd probably see why the 20-year-old New Jersey native is, by some measures at least, 

the biggest thing happening in American gymnastics. More people follow Dunne on Instagram than Derek Jeter,

Cher, or Sunisa Lee, the current Olympic gymnastics all-around champion, with 3.7 million followers. Dunne has 7.2 million followers on TikTok, 

which is millions more than Beyoncé. A portion of the images and videos feature gymnastics.  

However, Dunne—who has heart-shaped features, long blonde hair, and kewpie doll characteristics ,

has perfected the art of posting non-sports-related selfies to her fan base that make them go crazy. She occasionally dons a leotard, but her go-to outfits are crop tops, minidresses, 

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