Godzilla's enemies Discover the best way to defeat the king of monsters 

In the Godzilla Valentine's Day Special, humanity learns to coexist with Godzilla, treating him as a force of nature. 

Piper Simmons, a reporter, and Lieutenant Sauveterre from the Earth Defense Force track Godzilla over five years. 

The EDF's approach of building weapons and Mecha-Godzillas fails, leading to more destruction. 

Piper successfully tracks monsters and discovers the cause of their attacks, outperforming the EDF. 

Piper's life changes after surviving a Godzilla attack, prompting her to report on monster activity worldwide. 

Despite initial clashes, Piper and Sauveterre develop chemistry and form an international organization to monitor monsters. 

They repurpose monster-hunting intel to predict disasters, evacuate citizens, and avoid confrontations with monsters. 

The story emphasizes the importance of respecting nature and living alongside Godzilla, neutralizing him as a threat through love and understanding. 

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