Frozen 3's release plan does not bode well for a live-action movie 

"Frozen 3" is scheduled for release in 2026, with "Frozen 4" to follow at an undisclosed date. 

The delay in "Frozen 3" poses a challenge for the possibility of a live-action remake of the franchise. 

Disney's animated "Frozen" franchise, beginning in 2013, has been immensely successful. 

Rumors of a live-action adaptation of the original "Frozen" film have circulated, sparking casting discussions. 

While discussions about a live-action "Frozen" remake have occurred, nothing has been officially confirmed. 

Disney's recent trend of producing live-action adaptations of classic animated films raises the possibility of a live-action "Frozen" in the future. 

Two more animated "Frozen" sequels have been confirmed by Disney, further delaying potential plans for a live-action adaptation. 

The updated release schedule for "Frozen 3" creates uncertainty for any potential live-action "Frozen" movie. 

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