From Marvel to Montague: Tom Holland Will Star in a New West End Production of Romeo & Juliet

British Vogue featured Tom Holland in its 2021 Hollywood Portfolio, where he shared advice from his first director, Nick Evans: turn nerves into excitement. 

Before his role in Romeo & Juliet, Holland, known for Spider-Man, starred in Billy Elliot and Cherry. 

Holland returns to the stage in Jamie Lloyd's adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, promising a non-traditional take. 

Holland's stage debut as Romeo follows his success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The play's tagline, "violent delights have violent ends," hints at Lloyd's darker interpretation. 

Other Hollywood stars, like Sarah Snook and Cara Delevingne, are also taking the London stage this spring. 

Holland, at 27, faces his first Shakespearean role, likely employing Evans's advice. 

Live theater offers a unique thrill for actors like Holland, defying the predictability of film and TV. 

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