Former CBS executive Leslie Moonves will pay a $11,250 fine to resolve an L.A. ethics lawsuit. 

Former CBS CEO Leslie Moonves has agreed to pay a $11,250 fine to resolve a Los Angeles City Ethics Commission complaint accusing him of interfering with a police investigation and inciting a government officer to break the law. 

The affair began in November 2017, when former Los Angeles Police Cmdr.  

Cory Palka reportedly collaborated with Moonves and other CBS executives to bury an LAPD complaint filed by a woman who accused Moonves of sexual assault in 1980s. 

Moonves was widely regarded as the television industry's most influential CEO.  

He had led CBS for more than two decades and was responsible for the network's stunning comeback. 

Palka, who has since resigned, was previously the head of the Los Angeles Police Department's Hollywood station. 

He had known Moonves for over a decade, having served on Moonves' security detail for the Grammy Awards for numerous years. 

Moonves' great career quickly came to an end amid a growing sex scandal exposed by the #MeToo movement. Moonves, who resigned from CBS in September 2018, denied harassing or abusing women. 

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