Find the woman's hidden photographer in 5 seconds with your detective skills.

Brain teasers are puzzle games that require problem-solving. They can involve math problems or finding hidden objects/animals/people in photos. 

Though amusing, cognitive teasers test your intellect. They improve memory, lateral thinking, and mental ability while entertaining. 

Brain puzzles increase mood, according to multiple studies. When you solve a puzzle, your brain produces more mood-boosting dopamine. 

Here's another brain teaser to improve your brainpower and boost your mood. Ready for the test? Let's begin.

A woman stands before a tripod-mounted camera in the image above. Her surroundings have trees, flowers, and plants. She appears to be prepping for a photo or video shoot at a park.

The camera operator where? The famous model needs the photographer for shots. Can you help her find him?

Make this difficult. Set a 5-second timer and find the concealed man. A faster solution to this brain puzzle is preferable. 

Bring your magnifying glass and lens. Your time begins now. All the best!

This brain teaser puzzle is solved at the conclusion of this post. You must not cheat by scrolling to the solution. 

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