Fans of "Yellowstone" swarm to congratulate Kevin Costner on the birth of a new child.

Kevin Costner, the actor of Yellowstone, is having a really good start to 2024! The actor turned 69 on January 18 and celebrated by receiving a furry new family member, following off his spectacular Golden Globes presentation.

Kevin showed off his new puppy on Instagram; it appears to be a yellow Labrador retriever puppy that is quite cute. 

He didn't provide a name or any other information, but when he posted pictures of his new dog on Instagram, his followers and other celebs went crazy.

"Newest addition to the family," is how Kevin captioned the photo. I'm already deeply in love with this unique man."

In one picture, Kevin is seen letting the little dog run in the grass as he casually leans against his Ford F250, which has a surfboard on its roof rack. 

The actor can be seen cuddling with his four-legged buddy in another photograph, and the dog looks adorable when it's all by itself in the third.

Congratulation messages from Yellowstone admirers poured in, and some of his well-known acquaintances sent remarks. Hassie Harrison, Kevin's costar, wrote, "Mr. Costner!!!" That puppy is the sweetest thing ever! Well done! 

What name do you give him? ." Commenting in the comments section, Sir Anthony Hopkins said, "What a beautiful boy. " Randy Travis also added his voice: "Very attractive puppy! Enjoy yourselves, everyone!"

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