Fani Willis hearing: a lurid spectacle that may weaken Trump's election meddling case 

A Georgia court hears accusations of perjury and death threats in a hearing to decide if District Attorney Fani Willis should be disqualified from Donald Trump's trial for election interference.

The focus is on Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade's romantic relationship and whether it influences the case against Trump. 

Willis and Wade deny any connection between their relationship and the Trump case. 

Willis emphasizes that the trial concerns allegations of election theft, not her personal life. 

Willis's father testifies about death threats targeting her since she took office, citing instances of harassment outside their home. 

John Clifford Floyd III, Willis's father, reveals he only learned of her relationship with Wade recently. 

Defense attorneys attempt to prove a pre-existing romantic involvement between Willis and Wade before he was hired for the case. 

The courtroom proceedings, filled with sensational details like trips and cruises, underscore the gravity of the case against Trump. 

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