Everything is good regarding 'Yellowstone'.

In late November, Taylor Sheridan, creator of "Yellowstone," filed a complaint against co-star Cole Hauser's Free Rein Coffee Co.  

The complaint, in the Northern District of Texas Federal Court, alleged trademark infringement and unfair competition.  

Bosque Ranch, associated with Sheridan, claimed Free Rein's cowboy brand logo was strikingly similar, potentially misleading consumers.  

Free Rein, partnering with HTeaO, used intertwined letters for a logo resembling Bosque Ranch's.  

Surprisingly, Sheridan's legal team requested the case's dismissal a month later, preventing future complaints against Free Rein.  

The dismissal was granted by Federal District Judge James Wesley Hendrix on Dec. 20.  

Free Rein will join Midland HTeaO locations in winter, offering American Dirt and Homestead flavors in various drinks.  

Hauser plans a surprise visit to the top Free Rein-selling franchise in 2024.  

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