Elements of a Healthy Relationship

Having healthy relationships comes naturally to certain people.

For the rest of us, it's about as simple as a drooling third-grader attempting to pass an astrophysics test. 

We have not only set ourselves up for failure, but we also lack the perspective to know where to begin in developing healthy, loving relationships in our lives.

So, after a lot of trial and error on my part (and I mean a lot), I've compiled a totally too-nerdy-but-still-pretty-eye-opening guide to building good partnerships.

We'll go over each component in greater detail throughout this post, but here's how they look in a healthy relationship.

Respect in a relationship indicates that you both hold each other in high esteem. 

When you respect someone, you admire them for specific attributes and/or the character they represent.

Trusting one another entails accepting each other's word. When one person promises to do something, the other person expects they will follow through. 

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