East Sussex mother of two 'panicked' to locate Sir Paul McCartney's legendary bass in loft after 28 years. 

A mother of two from East Sussex says she was "panicked" to discover Sir Paul McCartney's missing guitar had been in her loft for 28 years. 

Cathy Guest discovered it at her Hastings home, and a Google search confirmed it was the Beatles' distinctive violin-shaped bass, which had been lost for more than 50 years.

She had planned to sell her late husband's guitar collection to help support her two children's university education. 

Mrs Guest stated, "I was cataloguing a number of guitars that I own, and when I googled it, it quickly came up.  

Mrs Guest, who has been a carer for 18 years, said: "I'm overjoyed he's gotten it back.  

We enjoy live music and attending gigs. That is our family's hobby. 

When asked if she was a Beatles fan, she responded, "I was more of a Jam fan, sorry! But everyone loves the Beatles; you can't not love them." 

Mrs Guest attributes the credit to the Lost Bass Project, which initiated the search for the missing German instrument. 

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