Drake throws shade at Rihanna: Refuses to sing their hit collab "Work" on tour opener!

The intense musical partnership between Drake and Rihanna appears to have taken a negative turn,

 as the Canadian rapper made some strong disparaging remarks about his ex-girlfriend on the first night of his most recent tour.

The 37-year-old hitmaker "Started From the Bottom" stunned Tampa, Florida, 

 crowds when he flatly declined to perform their huge hit duet "Work" live. Instead,

he deftly declared, "I don't sing this song anymore," leaving the singing to the audience. You could sing it for me.

With a lengthy history of collaborations, Drake and Rihanna, 35, have produced hits like "What's My Name?"

 and "Take Care," which have ignited fans' hearts with rumors of a more intimate relationship.The never-was love story

But according to the Barbadian beauty, despite Drake's public expressions of devotion for Rihanna

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