Donald Trump faces a $453.5 million penalty in a New York real estate fraud lawsuit 

A New York judge orders Donald Trump and his company to pay $453.5 million in damages and interest for committing rampant fraud.

Additional penalties are imposed on two of Trump's sons, and they are barred from conducting business in the state.

Justice Arthur Engoron, in a decision released Friday, condemns the frauds as shocking and blatant.

Trump and his associates submitted false financial data to borrow more money at lower rates, resulting in fraudulent financial statements.

Engoron criticizes Trump and others for their refusal to admit errors, calling it "pathological."

The judge cites examples like the tripling of Trump's penthouse size at Trump Tower.

Trump responds by blasting the judge and attorney general, calling them "crooked."

The ruling represents a significant financial setback for Trump and a victory for New York Attorney General Letitia James.

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