Dolly Parton surprises dying fan by calling him to complete bucket list days before Christmas

A dying man's Christmas wish was fulfilled by Dolly Parton. LeGrand Gold, 

a resident of Utah and a native of Tennessee like Parton, has been a devoted follower of the iconic singer for almost his whole life.

He therefore created a "bucket list" of 11 things he wanted to achieve before he passed away with his wife, Alice Gold,

after learning that he had colon cancer in 2019. Among those desires was to "get to know Dolly Parton."

"I felt like it would never happen," he said, recalling the dream, to KSL-TV.

The father of five received news earlier this month that his illness was "spreading" and that the chemotherapy was "not working anymore,

which meant he would not have much time to complete his list of priorities.  

Alice said to Dolly, "You've been a huge help, especially these past two years," while LG grinned. "We love you for so many reasons, Dolly." 

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