Denis Villeneuve: Hollywood 'Is About Wall Street' Now and 'Creativity Is Restricted' 'Freedom and Risk-Taking' Will 'Save Cinema'

Denis Villeneuve is preparing to release "Dune: Part Two" in a very different theatrical landscape than when his first "Dune" film debuted in 2021. 

In response to the COVID outbreak, Warner Bros.

Took the controversial decision to broadcast their entire 2021 film slate in theatres and on Max (then known as HBO Max). Villeneuve objected to the ruling.

"There is absolutely no love for cinema or the audience here," Villeneuve wrote in an essay for Variety at the time. 

"It's all about the survival of a telecom behemoth, which is currently saddled with a staggering debt of more than $150 billion.

Even while 'Dune' is about movies and audiences, AT&T is concerned with its own survival on Wall Street. 

With HBO Max's launch a failure thus far, AT&T chose to sacrifice Warner Bros.' 

 Whole 2021 slate in a desperate attempt to pique the audience's interest."

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